Get Started

Using the Cash Out API you check and control your available funds to be drawn by your users from the authorized safekeeping networks.

Consult, register and delete cashout operations using our REST API, test in our sandbox environment and deploy to production when your development team is ready.

In order to use to fully understand and use our API, let's get started understanding some concepts:

­čĺ░Cashout funds

Your Cashout funds are the maximum amount that all your users can draw using their orders/operations generated by the API, when you're out of funds, you will have to recharge it before your users can start drawing out again.

If you don't have this service, please contact our commercial team to activate it.


  1. You can execute tests in Sandbox, but your balance will be zero (0).

  2. You can't create more cashout operations if the combined amount of them is higher than your available balance in your funds.

  3. Balance is discounted when you register the operation instead of discounting it when the users executes the cash out.

  4. Commissions are discounted from the funds if the operation requires it.

  5. Users can draw out between one thousand and one million Colombian peso (COP).

  6. The commerce indicates how much money will be delivered to the user.

  7. When an order expires or is nullified, the balance is returned to the funds including the commissions if applies.

  8. The recommended expiring time is 30 minutes after the order is registered. This will be the amount of time the user has to draw out the money.

  9. If the draw out has a cost, the commerce has to indicate it, the user's voucher will include the cost of the operation. Note: Payvalida never charges for the draw out and delivers the total amount indicated in the registration of the order.